What is EAM?

Client Asset manager Your chosen bank(s)

What do you get when you place your business with an independent asset manager?

A strong partnership
You have decided to have your assets managed by an independent asset manager. As asset managers we shall be happy to support you in your decision to appoint the bank(s) of your choice and achieving a successful performance for your assets in the long term.

The relationship between us as asset managers and your chosen bank is based on an agreement that governs the rights and obligations of the contractual parties, creating clarity and security for all concerned.



How do the banks support us as asset managers?

The banks have developed special online tools to enable them to support you and us as your asset manager. These allow us as asset managers to track the performance of your portfolios live at any time and initiate transactions online. We make all decisions jointly with you as client, or on the basis of your asset management instructions. The bank is responsible for the execution and recording of transactions. Stock exchange orders given by the asset manager are placed directly on the relevant trading markets.
As asset managers we also have direct access to a variety of financial instruments as well as the latest market and corporate analyses of all the banks we work with. The banks also offer special events where specialists provide information on topical subjects. This information from all the banks enables us to form a comprehensive overview of the investment environment, current trends and changes in the law.

Remuneration to your chosen bank
The banks collect charges and commission for conducting the client relationship. The banks do not charge any additional fees or make higher charges for the collaboration with us as asset managers. You can find out the costs the bank has levied from the annual reports. These may involve external expenses invoiced by third parties (e.g. stock exchange fees, taxes etc.) but also the bank’s own custody and brokerage fees. We as asset managers get back up to half of the brokerage fees levied by the bank in individual cases. We pass these on in full to our clients (normally half-price rate in stock exchange transactions).